Bobby macdonald

Bobby MacDonald is the co-founder and lead artist for Ngā Atua Hou, a mural revitalisation project breathing life through art across Aotearoa one community at a time. With over 20 years experience in arts and art education, he uses murals as a way to connect communities with Māori culture, to celebrate local champions, and to raise awareness of local issues. Bobby finds that telling the stories of Māori history also helps him to connect with his own whakapapa.  


sean anoma

Sean Anoma is an artist who likes to explore different mediums, textures and structures through his paintings and mural design. With an honours degree in visual arts and a background in painting, graffiti, and mural painting from a contemporary perspective, Sean’s designs are bold and bright, focusing on how colour impacts on the viewer, and inviting the audience to engage with the visual elements.


rebecca ter borg

Rebecca ter Borg is an illustrator based in Tāmaki Makaurau who loves to occasionally have a wall as a page instead of the usual piece of paper.  She uses a colourful palette to create rich, often highly detailed images, peopled with playful characters and tangled natural elements.  She works as a commercial artist and also has a personal practice where she can explore the themes and styles she is drawn to, often inspired by nature and environmental causes.


holly rocck

Holly Rocck is an artist and designer whose more recent focus has been on creating public artworks which combine the influences of graffiti, typography and sign-writing. She enjoys the conceptual, problem-solving aspect of design and takes a similar approach to the walls she paints — the message is key, words are weapons and public walls are an opportunity to speak to people. Her typographic work is primarily inspired by song lyrics, she loves exploring a variety of media and is interested in finding ways to make her work light up wherever possible.


levi hawken

Levi Hawken is an artist whose work is inextricably tied to the myriad influences that have shaped his life. From the urban subcultural worlds of skateboarding and graffiti, to working with concrete and nature, the frustrations, processes and potentials inherent in these activities have manifested their influence throughout his studio output. Beginning his artistic career as a graffiti artist in Auckland City during the mid 1990s, Levi’s artistic practices now include painting, drawing and sculptural work and can now be seen as a keepsake of the art that once was.