Bradley Lane


Bradley Lane is the name of a once ordinary laneway in Glen Innes, Auckland. In 2013 four artists tried to create a festive atmosphere while painting two murals in it over a weekend in spring. They had an idea of returning to the laneway annually to paint more murals and decided to call it the Bradley Lane Project.  

The goal was to add more colour in the local community to walls that would otherwise be blank or tagged with graffiti, with the hope of encouraging the positive benefits public art can have.

Bradley Lane Project is now in its sixth year and attracts some of the best artistic talent from around New Zealand, displaying 19 outdoor murals in Bradley Lane and throughout the Glen Innes Town Centre.

The project now comprises three events over three consecutive days: the live painting of outdoor murals, an art exhibition, and artist talks. 

An associated volunteer program gives young people the opportunity to assist artists with their murals and provides a valuable learning experience for both.


Bradley Lane


In 2016 Bradley Lane Illuminated was created in response to the request for an event to support the White Night programme for the Auckland Arts Festival.  

For the first time Tāmaki became a destination on the bus route from the CBD to South Auckland and visitors were treated to an immersive experience through the Glen Innes Town Centre at night with lights, live performance and street art. 

Using the urban environment that the Bradley Lane Project street art murals occupy, elements of light and live performance are added to create a unique and dynamic community event. 

Bradley Lane Illuminated is now a stand-alone event that occurs on the first week after daylight savings ends.


About Bradley Lane

Bradley Lane Project and Illuminated is presented by the TGTB Charitable Trust which aims to celebrate and support local artists, engage the community with quality arts experiences, and grow and support the arts culture in the local community.


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